Friday, August 19, 2011

ACC Veste Left Front

Embroidery finished on left front of Veste.  Going to have to replace pearls with faux pearls to stay under budget.  :-(
One picture with flash, the other without.


  1. Why are you replacing the pearls with fakey (EWW by the way) I know you said you ran out of the others.. what are you looking for? I *might* have the size you need and could be persuaded to part with them if you help me fit/drape a new corset perhaps?!?!

  2. Fia, I'd happily help you fit your corset, any day but Saturday - we now attend two soccer and one football game every Saturday.

  3. And I need 30-40 more strands of 3mm rice pearls, something like 600 more pearls. Cheapest non-Orient place sells for $3/strand. I just can't afford it. Major bummer.

  4. Lemme check what I got and I'll let you know :)


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