Friday, September 9, 2011

Hit and Miss

I've felt like someone's emotional punching bag for the past two weeks.  I think I have exited the ring with grace and decorum.  I am trying to leave the bitterness behind and move on.
Swordplay has not been going well.  Seems I have become a petulant brat to my teacher.  He threatened to take Vilhelm's sword away and make me practice with his heavy, poorly balanced sword.  Did I mention I got REALLY whiney?
I went through my stash hoping for enough linen to make the shift.  BEEP.  No luck, unless I want to make it out of blue linen.  Raspberries.
I am almost done with my extra project at work so I can go back to a 40-hour workweek.  This 55+ hour weeks is total crap.

I suppose I should stop grumbling and get some sleep so I can do more embroidery tomorrow.

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