Friday, September 9, 2011

Hit and Miss

I've felt like someone's emotional punching bag for the past two weeks.  I think I have exited the ring with grace and decorum.  I am trying to leave the bitterness behind and move on.
Swordplay has not been going well.  Seems I have become a petulant brat to my teacher.  He threatened to take Vilhelm's sword away and make me practice with his heavy, poorly balanced sword.  Did I mention I got REALLY whiney?
I went through my stash hoping for enough linen to make the shift.  BEEP.  No luck, unless I want to make it out of blue linen.  Raspberries.
I am almost done with my extra project at work so I can go back to a 40-hour workweek.  This 55+ hour weeks is total crap.

I suppose I should stop grumbling and get some sleep so I can do more embroidery tomorrow.


  1. Swordplay always goes hard for a while. You find the love and expect to just be able to DO it. Then all of a sudden the sword is awkward, your hips won't move in concert with your shoulders, the goreget is choking you and nothing feels right. Just hold on to the first thrill and it'll all come back; even if you have to throw a tantrum once in a while.

  2. Chin up camper, you're doing just fine.
    I have great faith in you, and you'll prevail.

    It always works, I dunno how, its a mystery :)


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